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Welcome, Partners

Freedom, for Designers & Developers

We're offering Free Web Hosting space to Developers & Designers to promote internet growth (especially in south east asia & the asia pacific/oceania countries). we believe in the people who create the internet & think you are great. we'd like to be your "go to" Web Hosting partner for life. The web space we offer to our partners is for your agency / projects pages & not for the operation of customer websites. (these plans can be purchased at great discount from inside your account).

Free Web Hosting for the business websites of: Designers, Developers, Marketing Agencies & Partners. Choose HostMamba to be your brands Web Hosting Partner & benefit from a unique experience tailored to you and your business' needs! some of the benefits of working with us include:

• Dedicated Account Manager - No matter your client numbers
• No Limits custom Web Hosting environment for your Brand
Heavily Discounted pricing for HostMamba services (based on volume)
• Access to our internal expertise as you grow
• Convenient account management functions & white labelling for client accounts.
• A relationship with a technology provider that cares about Your Success
• Great volume discounts on Domain Names & access to our backorder software

We'll be interested in hearing from you whether you're an independant Designer who has yet to gain a single client, or a large company with thousands of clients.

HostMamba Partners HostMamba, your new technology Partner

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

All of our Clients & Partners benefit from our 99.9% uptime guarantee with all of our plans which is monitored by reliable third party companies. Whether it's the day or night, you can be confident that your website is safe in our professional hands.

Storage / Bandwidth

Rather than arbitrarily applying storage/bandwidth limits, we'll work on a one:one basis with each partner to ensure that you have adequate resources available to grow your business / projects. your web space will start small (but fast) and grow as your portfolio of hosted clients with HostMamba increases.

24/7 Support

As a partner you'll be able to create & escalate tickets directly through your relationship manager, lessening the load on our support team & also ensuring fast resolution of any problems you may have. Any clients you bring to HostMamba will be assigned under your account manager, receiving this same fast & high level of service.

Our Infrastructure can handle anything.

We are able to accomodate Individual web designers/developers but can also welcome enquiries from agencies with thousands of customers who are looking for a unique partnership with a Web Host that truly respects & values their unique business. we can comfortably handle migrations of up to 10,000 sites with zero downtime.

Account Management

Our account management software makes managing even thousands of sub-clients a simple task, you can manage domains, hosting, files, databases, email accounts & more without ever leaving the HostMamba website.

CloudFlare RailGun! Included as standard.

We are a Cloudflare Optimised hosting partner, you can enable Cloudflare's free plan from within our hosting control panel, but did you know, we provide CloudFlare railgun for Free with all hosting plans. that's a saving of $200US per month

Pricing that Money can not buy.

we offer tremendous discounts to our Developer & Designer partners which are tiered based on the volume of customers you refer to us / host in your account. this is negotiated directly with your relationship manager & must not be disclosed to third parties.


Frequently asked questions

Some Questions & Answers relevant to this offer.

Why are you doing this?

When we started Snozz Hosting in 2012 (which later was acquired by HostMamba) we did so to support the local developers & designers that were unable to access local resources at reasonable prices, our infrastructure is big enough that we can comfortable afford the loss-leader of offering free web hosting to designers & developers for their own project / portfolio sites

What's the catch? adverts?

Absolutely not! we'll iron out the details more as this scheme progresses but for right now all designers & developers sites will be integrated into our existing infrastructure in a fair way, our goal is to work with you to grow your business, if adequate resources are not available to you, that will not happen.

What's in it for HostMamba?

There are no conditions that you switch your porfolio of customers over to our platform, we're pretty sure you'll want to. the pricing incentives become quite substantial depending on volume. you are free to use this offer subject to our acceptance & terms.

What are the terms?

This isn't really something that has "been done" yet, as such we're actively working on detailed terms & conditions unique to this offer. upon signup your dedicated account manager will advise you of your equipment / access limits

How many sites can this Support?

One, the offer is limited to your own site (or portfolio of sites) only, this platform is provided gratuitously by HostMamba to encourage Web Design / Development and remove the cost boundary of those new to the industry. we are not supported by any government / body financially & we sacrifice the equipment in good faith. If you are charging a customer money for web hosting / dev services, pay us (the heavily discounted rate) for some web space for them, if you need it.


See what our customer's are saying about us.

Having dealt with many hosting providers and always being disappointed, I can honestly say HostMamba exceeds expectations. Their services are incredibly fast, their support is brilliant, no query is ever too much trouble. And you get all of this for an incredible price! Highly recommended!

Dylan Buckley
Customer, New Zealand
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